Brantôme Abbey

Commune de Brantôme 

For information concerning more specific needs, contact: 05 53 05 80 63



If after your visit you have any comments you would like to make, we would be very pleased to hear from you. There is a comment box you can use at the bottom of this page or you can use our assessment sheet on the " Your Views page". Remember to evaluate the comfort of the visit and not the interest of the site.



  • Easy to find   

  • Drop off point  

  • Proximity of car park to site:  In town not applicable

  • Shade or Shelter in the car park  In town not applicable

Ticket Office

  • Distance from the start of visit   0m 

  • Staff helpful     

  • Languages spoken other than French   

  • Storage facilities (pushchair, backpack etc)  

  • Seating in waiting area  

The Visit

  • Staff helpful     

  • Signs and instructions other than in French     

  • Information through: Notices 

    In what languages other than French    

  • Guided visit    On demand 

  • Guide languages   

  • Hearing the guide 

  • Understanding the guide 


Comfort of Visit

  • Amount of walking:   Some  

  • Amount of climbing:   Some 

  • Walking surface:    Smooth  inside the abbey; Very uneven outside for the rock dwellings

  • Seating during visit  

  • Food and drink: 

  • Shelter from the sun 

  • Shelter from the rain 

  • Comfortable place to wait for others on site or nearby  


  • Easy to find: 

  • Separate toilets for men and women  

  • Level of cleanliness  

  • Spacious enough to accompany small children or if physically impaired  

  • Warm water  

  • Baby-changing facilities 

Dog friendly

  • Dogs allowed on site  Only on leash or carried

  • Parking in shade  

  • Water point      

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