Specific Needs

The following sites  are particularly helpful if you have specific needs.

Biron Castle   |   Cabanes du Breuil   |   Le Roc de Cazelles   |   Jacquou Park 

Maxange Cave   |     Milandes Castle   |   La Roque St Christophe   |   Villars Cave

You are with small children ?

  • Many of the sites underground such as caves and caverns are partly in the dark and can be frightening for some small children.

  • Many tourist sites provide activities for children but only in the high tourist season. The sites I suggest are of specific interest to children or have activities every day when open.

Aquarium Theme Park |  |    Bournat Theme Park |  |    Conquil Theme Park

Castelnau Castle  |  Cazelles Theme Park   |   Jacquou Park   |   Préhistoparc  

Thot Prehistory Park

You are with someone elderly ?

  • Climbing, standing for long periods or walking in the heat can be difficult for the elderly. So I suggest some short and easy visits. You can also check my suggestions below for people who tire easily, need to sit down or avoid climbing.

  • Each specific site page mentions whether or not there is a pleasant place to sit and wait  while others make the visit.

Le Bournat    |   Cadouin    |     Clos des Sources Garden   |   Insectorama

Oustal Museum   |   Laugerie Basse   |   Truffle Museum   |   Rouffignac Cave

You hate waiting or standing in the sun?

You tire easily and need to sit down?

  • Apart from the caves and prehistoric sites, almost all sites have seating but sometimes only on request or not easy to find (eg Hautefort, Bourdeilles…). Here are some sites where it is easy  and pleasant to sit.

Arts et Traditions Museum   |     Cadouin   |    Insectorama  |   L’Oustal Museum

Pataud Shelter  |   Prehistory Museum  |   Périgord Museum  |   Truffle Museum

You need to store your pushchair or backpack?

  • Almost all tourist sites agree to store a backpack or pushchair either ‘officially’ or ‘unofficially’. However, you leave a backpack or pushchair at your own  risk. No site insurance covers possessions left at a reception area or a ticket office.

  • Ask on arrival just how far your pushchair can be taken. Many sites, such as Montbazillac, allow pushchairs outside but not inside, with no space for storage at the start of the actual visit.

You are anxious about the amount of walking or too many steps?

  • The Périgord is a very hilly area and the majority of sites include stairs, steps or slopes. However, if you use drop off points, and select visits with relatively few steps or stairs, it is still possible to visit a wide variety of sites. Each individual page indicates if a site is a challenge to navigate. The following sites are entirely on the flat.

L’ Aquarium  |   Le Bournat  |   Cap Blanc  |   Cadouin  |   Eyrignac  |   Insectorama  |   

Jacquou Park  |   Maxange  |   Périgord Museum   |   Napoleon Museum  |   Rouffignac Cave  |   Truffle Museum

You are with your dog?

  • The Périgord is definitely dog friendly provided they are on a leash. Almost all sites provide water for your pet either freely available or on request.

  • It can be more problematical if you wish to leave your dog in the car. We indicate on every site page whether or not there is shade in the car park but the amount will vary according to the season and time of day. I have selected a few sites with car parks which are shaded throughout the day.

Le Bournat  |   Cabanes du Breuil  |   Le Conquil  |   Maxange |   Villars  |   Le Thot




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